After Creating & Maintaining
This Website, Every Single Day
Without Fail For 12 years,
I've Decided To Call It Quits.

12 years, in itself, is remarkable.



I stopped maintaining this site

on my birthday and

CurtsList.Com birthday; 052521



I could have continued for another
12 years, but giving to all those that
never give back has become pointless

Especially when it costs them nothing.



It seemed like the website

was going nowhere.

The city didn't support it &
people rarely gave me any sort of

feedback, much less a simple

thank you.



Tulsa Isn't Ready for One Central

Live Music Information Source

Exclusively Devoted To Our Live Music

And probably never will be...

Wayyy too many pretentious egos.



I really did enjoy doing it though.



I WILL Continue To Maintain My
Facebook Page
Tulsa's Live Music Source







Thank You For 12 Years!

- cmf



Since I Began Compiling & Sharing Tulsa's Live Music Back in 2006;

I've Promoted Somewhere

Between: @ Least

200,000 to 300,000 Concerts



I'll leave my Venues page open
for use or copy B4 they take the
site down which may be

any time after June 25th



People ask me why I'm not doing
the website anymore ?

I spent 12 years trying to Lift Tulsa Up.
Not for myself because I didn't make
money doing it. Websites and domain
names aren't free. I Promoted Tulsa.
And Over 200 concerts every week for
12 years because I enjoyed giving back
to my city. I tried to help a hell of a lot
of people...over 200 concerts means  
almost that many venues. Venues with
managers, and employees, and vendors.
Musicians with fans, families and friends. Communities all over Tulsa that enjoy those venues. And all the people in Tulsa who simply Love Concerts.
All those people...12 Years, & well over
155,000 concerts promoted.

And no one gave a shit but me.


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